SNRT: actions & commitments

S NRT leverages the work of the commissions and the ad hoc working groups to make their members’ voices heard and defend their interests.

Asserting its unique nature and dynamism

The SNRT helps to develop and enhance the administrative framework for tourist residences and apartment hotels. Regulatory texts and studies are available to members in the following areas:

  • Tax (VAT, scheme and application, resort fees, business rates)
  • Administrative aspects (classification, accreditation)
  • Technical aspects (electricity protocol, telecommunications, safety and accessibility standards)
  • Sustainable development (part of Clef Verte jury, C2E initiatives)

Regulatory texts and business data are available for members in their member space.

Taking part in discussions

  • helping to draft regulations
  • organising labour relations for the sector and exchanging with other professional bodies
  • providing ongoing statistical data on our business.

Promoting the tourist residence concept

Acting as media spokesperson in all matters concerning tourist residences: impact of new regulations, business statistics, new initiatives, etc.
Press releases and press kits are regularly published to inform the media about new products and regulations.

Liaising with the key market influencers and opinion leaders:

  • Atout France
  • Regional and departmental tourism committees
  • Tourist boards and tourist offices
  • our operators and travel agents

Ensure good information on the economic model

The SNRT represents the operators of Tourism Residences.

To secure individuals interested in the product, he has developed, with the promoters, the DGE (General Directorate of Enterprises) and the owners, a pre-sale information booklet which summarizes all the points to check when purchasing a Tourism Residence.

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