Syndicat National des Résidences de Tourisme et apparthotels (SNRT)

SNRT SNRT is the professional trade association representing tourist residences and apartment hotel operators. SNRT defends the interests of its members and advises them on legal, tax and labour-related matters, promotes the tourist residence and apartment hotel concept (Advantages of apartment hotels) and handles collective bargaining for the sector as a whole.

Creation of SNRT

When it was founded by pioneering seaside and mountain resort developers in 1982, the association comprised 7 members and accounted for 70,000 beds.

The idea proved to be a very successful one, especially with families, and tourist residences subsequently developed rapidly to keep pace with growing demand.

SNRT had 76 members in 2019, representing over 360,000 beds.

It is the sole representative association for the sector in dealings with the government.

It is also a founding member of Confédération des Acteurs du Tourisme (CAT – Confederation of French tourism bodies) (CAT press kit for 2017).

Key figures for SNRT

51% of the sector is affiliated to SNRT. It represents tourist residences and apartment hotels providing accommodation for tourism, business or pleasure.

338 000



Throughout the year

Working committees are organised around expectations on different issues :

  • Labour matters: work organisation, part-time work, seasonal work, minimum salary scales, healthcare coverage, etc.
  • Operational matters: customary practices within the profession, maintenance, safety, relations with property owners, applicable regulations, etc.
  • Sustainable development: distribution of energy-saving materials within the scope of C2E sheets, measurements at pilot sites, drafting specifications for renovation work.
  • Communication: exchanging statistics, devising joint initiatives for the profession.

Once a year

Every year, SNRT organises a General Meeting of members to discuss their problems, come up with solutions and exchange information, etc.

These meetings forge links between members, foster solidarity within the profession and ensure uniformity of action.

If you wish to participate in any of the commissions, join SNRT or simply discuss a tourist accommodation-related issue, contact us.


Main representatives :

  • The President is Patrick LABRUNE
  • The Vice- President is Corinne BARAS
  • The Vice- President is François SABATINO
  • The Treasurer is Emmanuel FATOUT
  • The General Delegate is Pascale JALLET

The regional branches are managed by :

  • Corinne BARAS – 05 56 92 17 30 – Aquitaine
  • Yanick DAVIERE – 04 50 02 52 94 – Rhône-Alpes
  • Sylvain LEROY – 04 94 82 58 98 – PACA
  • Florence BERNARD – 04 67 13 58 58 – Languedoc-Roussillon
  • Corinne LALLEMAND – 02 40 99 07 07 – Pays-de-Loire

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